Eviction without a notice? Ridiculous! Snail Bob was enjoying an ordinary day in his cozy and cute little home in the first installment of the series, Snail Bob 1: Finding Home. Suddenly, Bob's meal time was interrupted by bulldozers arriving to demolish his house! When Bob ran out to see what was going on, he was grabbed by one of the construction machines and flung far away! With his home in ruins, poor Snail Bob needs your help to find a new place to call home. Help Bob make his way through lots of entertaining levels. Bob is brave, but a bit of an airhead, so it’s up to you to make sure no harm comes to him. Are you ready to become Snail Bob's trusty travel companion?

Snail Bob 1: Finding Home is the first game of the Snail Bob series. This game introduces our cute and determined protagonist, Snail Bob. Now that his house has been demolished, Bob is on the move. To get away from the bulldozers, Bob will need a helping hand to tell him when to stop and when to start moving again. The construction site is full of hazards, and Bob usually fails to take notice of the various dangers that lie ahead. Use the tools available in each level to create a safe path for Bob, allowing him to reach the exit without getting killed or stuck.
Bob probably won’t even notice the danger he’s in, but these levels are filled the the brim with different challenges and fun puzzles to solve! Pull the levers, push the buttons, and set the pistons in motion. When Bob is forging ahead too quickly, you can tap on him to make him pause. He’ll retreat into his shell and take a nap. In the meanwhile, you can move all the dangerous elements out of his way. When everything is set in place, you can give Bob a tap the get him moving again. Sometimes, Bob will need to move along quickly to avoid a particular hazard. To adjust Bob's speed, you can use the button located in the top left corner of the screen. Can you help him reach Bob new home and live happily ever after?
If you like Snail Bob as much as we do, then you should definitely check out his next adventure, Snail Bob 2: Birthday Party, as well. Have fun playing!
Head to Grandpa Snail's cabin at the far end of the forest with Snail Bob in the second game in the series, Snail Bob 2: Birthday Party. Bob found the best birthday present for his grandpa and is ready to visit him. But there’s a problem. The road to his grandpa’s cabin is crowded with hungry animals and stinging insects. There are also deadly traps, ravines, and other obstacles that could turn this pleasant journey into a nightmare. As a snail, Bob can't overcome every obstacle he encounters by himself, so maybe you can help him complete the journey to his grandpa’s birthday party!

Snail Bob 2: Birthday Party features 25 fun levels filled with interesting and exciting puzzles to solve. The other animals are not the only problems you will have to face. Carnivorous plants, steep drops, and other hardships await Bob along the way. As the player, your objective is to complete each level by solving those puzzles. Clear Bob's path of dangers and make it possible for him to reach the exit. You’ll encounter many different puzzles. Hungry centipedes lurk around their boiling cauldron, waiting for Bob to fall in. Angry eagles are also looking for food. There are lakes filled with toxic waste, and even a robot snail from the future will try to claim Snail Bob's shell. The forest might be full of surprises, but the controls of the game are quite simple. Use your left mouse button to click on the buttons and levers to solve the puzzles. Bob may be a snail, but he can be fast when he needs to be! You can speed Bob up or slow him down. To make sure he doesn't walk into a trap before you clear his way, you can click on him to stop him. He will retreat into his shell and wait for your next click to continue moving. Some puzzles require you to stop Bob and make him hide in his shell for protection.

Avoid the dangers of the forest and let Bob reach his grandpa's cabin in safety! We know he’ll love the present his grandson has in bringing for him. When the party has come to an end, be sure to check out the other Snail Bob games in our collection, such as Snail Bob 1 Finding Home, Snail Bob 3 Egypt Journey, Snail Bob 8 Island Story and more!
Snail Bob wasn't expecting quite so authentic an experience when he decided to meet up with his grandfather in the Ancient Egypt section of the museum. In the third game of the amazing series, Snail Bob 3: Egypt Journey, Snail Bob is about to travel back in time! Bob’s curiosity got the better of him when his grandfather showed him a magical portal device. Despite all the warnings, Snail Bob decided to push the buttons on the device. It was just too tempting! Now Bob has been sucked into a magic portal and sent to the land of pyramids and mummies. Stranded in Ancient Egypt, Bob needs your help to make his way back home in this funny puzzle adventure.

Ancient Egypt is full of mysteries and you can get a taste of this legendary place in the amazing 20 levels featured in Snail Bob 3: Egypt Journey. Be prepared to deal with lots of sand, ancient traps, and even an angry mummy! Just like the other games in this addictive game series, your objective is to help Snail Bob reach the end of every level by getting rid of various dangers that could trap or even kill him. The third game features 20 different levels filled with all kinds of hazards. Click on the different levers, buttons, and pistons to move platforms, block lasers, and open locked gates. Some levels will require you to stop Snail Bob so that you can make his path safe to travel. However, Bob’s in a rush to return home, so he won't stop moving until you tell him to. Click on Bob to make him retreat into his shell while you sort things out. Do you have a keen pair of eyes? Try to discover the hidden stars in each level to unlock all of the ancient art in Bob’s gallery. Each level contains three hidden stars, so be on the lookout!
Snail Bob is quite the adventurer. He’s a little scatterbrained though, and needs your assistance to help bring his journeys to a happy end. Have you played the first game of the series yet? If not, check out Snail Bob 1: Finding Home!

In Snail Bob 4: Space, everybody’s favorite snail takes the adventure to the next level. Visit outer space in the fourth game of the amazing Snail Bob game series. Since Bob has always been fascinated with the planets and stars, he’s applied for a job to become an astronaut. And guess what? Bob has just received a call from the space center! Join Bob in his journey to travel beyond the Earth. Help him complete his mission successfully and return back safely. Experiment with gravity, meet alien creatures, and explore an extraterrestrial world in 20 puzzle-filled levels.

What lies beyond the sky is anyone's guess, but Snail Bob is determined to find out! While watching the launch of a spacecraft, he learned that his application to the latest space program has been approved. You start the game at the space center. Try to reach to your spacecraft by helping Bob pass various tests. Once Bob has made his way into the rocket, you’re ready to blast into space. The levels in Snail Bob 4: Space are filled with lots of different puzzles. Can you solve them by creating a safe path for Bob to reach the finish? Just like in the previous installments of the series, you can click on the different tools to manipulate the mechanisms and platforms. Can you figure out how to block the dangers and clear the deadly obstacles? What’s different in this episode is that you can manipulate the gravity this time! Use the anti-gravity button to make sure Snail Bob doesn’t meet a sticky ending. Bob is an adventurous little Snail, but he’s not all too perceptive. That means it’s up to you to help him overcome the many hazards along the way…
Have you played the first game of the Snail Bob series, Snail Bob 1: Finding Home? If you haven’t check out Bob’s first adventure and explore the full range of episodes in this funny and addictive game series!

In Snail Bob 5: Love Story, our friend Snail Bob is feeling butterflies in his stomach. The moment he saw a picture of the famous singer of snail land, Bob fell deeply in love. In the 5th game of the addictive Snail Bob series, you have to help Bob survive another exciting journey. Guide him through a series of levels filled with puzzles and deadly traps. Can you help Bob reach the love of his life without getting in harm's way. Make sure he doesn’t end up with a broken heart… or a broken shell!

In this continuation of the popular game series, Snail Bob is on the move again. He’s determined to achieve his goals but, as usual, this trait of his usually makes him quite careless. That's where you have to step in. Can you help Bob avoid the many dangers that await him? Your objective is to guide Snail Bob through a set of challenging levels by solving all kinds of different puzzles. In this game, Bob has to journey through the jungle, so you can expect the sort of obstacles that this terrain and the wildlife that inhabits it will offer. From carnivorous plants to hungry animals, there are many hazards to avoid. To create a safe path for our lovestruck snail to travel, you’ll have to use the different tools available in each level. By pulling levers, pushing buttons, and activating platforms, you can create a barrier between Bob and the traps littering his path. The jungle hides many secrets, including three collectible stars in each level. Keep your eyes peeled, because collecting all three stars will unlock 4 different mini-games. Don’t miss your change to enjoy these fun bonus levels!
From the ancient pyramids to outer space, Snail Bob has travelled through many different places in the course of his journeys. Explore space in Bob’s 4th adventure with the amazing game Snail Bob 4: Space. Tap the Snail Bob icon in the header bar to view the complete Snail Bob game collection!
Grab your coat and set out on a winter adventure in Snail Bob 6: Winter Story. Receiving a ransom note was not the Christmas present Snail Bob was anticipating, but it appear that somebody has kidnapped Grandpa Snail! Time for Bob to grab his winter jacket and head out on a new adventure. Explore a series of amazing winter-themed levels with snowy obstacles and icy traps in Bob’s sixth adventure. Can you help Snail Bob solve the tricky puzzles and rescue his grandfather? Try not to slip and fall!

Christmas should be the time of joy and celebration. A time you spend with your family and friends. But Snail Bob’s life is always full of strange events, and this holiday is no exception. As in the other titles in this amazing puzzle-filled series, your objective in Snail Bob 6: Winter Story is to guide Snail Bob through 25 exciting levels. Each level is full of different puzzles that you’ll need to solve to create a safe passage for Snail Bob. Clear the different obstacles so that Bob can reach the end of each level. You’ll see various buttons, levers, and moving platforms placed along Bob’s path. Can you figure out how to activate the elevators, open and close the doors, and manipulate Bob’s environment to block the hazardous traps and hungry predators?Apart from these challenging features, each level also contains three hidden stars. Try to find and collect them all to unlock the mini-games? Only by collecting all of the stars can you access these bonus levels, so keep your eyes peeled!
Snail Bob has experienced all kinds of exciting adventures, and you can join him on each dangerous journey. Here at Kizi, we’ve got the full collection of Snail Bob games. Have you tried Bob’s previous adventure, Snail Bob 5: Love Story yet?

In Snail Bob 7: Fantasy Story, Bob’s been abducted by a magical beam. He’s been left alone to fight with a dragon in a fantasy land! Reading a good bedtime story is fun, but in this seventh game of the Snail Bob series, everyone's favorite snail has been transported to a fantasy story as real as his sturdy shell. It looks like Snail Bob needs your assistance once again. Can you help him fulfill the role of a fearless warrior and beat the dragon that has been terrorizing the magical realm, or will it be too late for Bob to realize that this is not just a strange dream?

Dragons, ogres, and other mythical beasts populate the novels of the fantasy genre, and in this Snail Bob game you can experience what it is like to venture into their world. Snail Bob 7: Fantasy Story has 30 different levels full of tricky puzzles that need to be solved to protect Bob on his journey back home. Bob has already put his helmet on and is ready to explore this fantasy world with your support. Your objective is to help our brave little snail survive this adventure by creating a safe passage to the exit located at the end of each level. Bob may be brave, but he’s not always very attentive to his surroundings. In fact, he’s known to be quite the daydreamer and gets distracted very easily. That means it’s up to you to look ahead and solve the puzzles to disable the traps on the road. You can manipulate the mechanisms in each level by clicking on various tools such as levers, buttons, and pistons. If a particular task takes a bit more time to solve, you can make Bob stand still and retreat into his shell, or turn him around so that he starts crawling the other way. If necessary, you can also speed him up to avoid falling into a trap or escape a dangerous mythical beast. With your help, Snail Bob is sure to find his way back home!
So many adventures, so little time! We’ve collected all of Snail Bob’s exciting adventures here at Kizi. Have you visited space with Snail Bob yet? If not, check out Snail Bob 4: Space!

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