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Grab your mask, flashlight, and lockpicks and be prepared to pull off great heists with amazing games in the Bob the Robber series. Move in the shadows and become invisible as you trespass in different locations filled with guards and security cameras that protect hidden treasures. Walk on tip-toes, push buttons, pull levers, and open secret doors to reach the treasures safely. Can you slip through the doors without being noticed by the guards and triggering the alarms?

Collect treasures in every edition of the Bob the Robber series!

You will face different challenges in each game in our collection of Bob the Robber games. Patrolling guards, laser sensors, and security cameras are just a few of the many obstacles you have to overcome to complete each level. Travel to different places, from simple houses to hidden labs, to steal everything in them. Bob the burglar made his career choice during his childhood years! Discover how and why he decided to become a thief in the first game of this addictive series, Bob the Robber 1. Being a thief doesn’t mean Bob won’t help others. Put his unmatched thieving skills to action in the second game, Bob the Robber 2 and save the city from the bad guys! No matter where you go, don’t forget to take your trusted lockpicks with you. Turn the lights off and start the heist!

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Stage a series of daring heists in Bob the Robber 1! Having grown up with the exciting stories of the brave Robin Hood, Bob likes to help others with his lock picking and burglary skills. As the first game in the series, Bob the Robber 1 tells the story of how the protagonist rolled into the business of burglary. Shadows, guards, security cameras, and vicious guard dogs are all part of this journey. Wear your masks and tip-toe through the levels. Being silent and sneaky is the first rule of being a successful burglar!

Bob the Robber 1 offers entertaining gameplay for everyone. Stealth and puzzle solving are the two most prominent features of the game. In your journey through the levels, you'll encounter locked doors, hidden treasures, intimidating guards, and aggressive guard dogs! Shh, be quiet! Even a single creaking noise could cause you to get busted. Your objective is to complete a robbery in each level without getting caught. You'll have to pick open the locks on the doors and bypass the guards. As an efficient and resourceful burglar, Bob always carries his trusted lock pick in his pocket. Wait for the right moment and wedge the lock pick into the opening to release the mechanism and pop the door open. In some levels, you’ll have to disable lasers. To do that, find the fuse-box and cut the correct cable. The guards are way too confident, and they tend to wander around without looking too closely behind them. That's a weakness! Bob can blend in with the shadows and wait for the right time to knock the guards unconscious. Now that the security guards are down, Bob can continue on his way. Things may not go according to plan if you get spotted by one of the many security camera’s though! Hide away in the shadows, duck into a stairwell, or rush forward and position yourself directly below the camera to avoid detection. That was a close call! If you set off the alarm, you’ll be unlikely to make it out, so be a little more careful next time.
This is just the beginning of Bob's exciting adventures in thievery. Want to see what sort of trouble Bob gets into next? Then go and check the other games of the Bob the Robber series in our collection and travel the world as Bob’s career goes international! Have fun playing!

Join an unexpected adventure in Bob the Robber 2! Whoever said all burglars are bad clearly hasn’t met Bob. The city is in danger and it seems like all the other heroes are busy dealing with other things. It falls to Bob to sort matters out this time. Help the local thief to save the city in this stealthy thieving adventure! Cloak and dagger time!

A thief saving a city is an uncommon occurrence but nothing is ordinary in Bob's line of work. He is happy to put his kleptomaniac tendencies to good use and with your help he can pull off any crime caper. Be prepared to take a tour of the city from a perspective you've never had. Bob the Robber 2 features 10 different levels, each filled with security cameras, guards, trap doors, and more! Every level has an objective you must complete to pass the level. Usually, this revolves around stealing a specific item without getting caught. The path to the level objective will be blocked by locked doors, patrolling guards, and security cameras. You can use your lock pick to unlock the doors. Getting past the patrolling guards is a bit more tricky. Hide in the shadows until you find an opportunity sneak up on the passing guard from behind and knock him out. Security cameras offer a challenge of their own. Each one has a blind spot right beneath the camera’s pivot point. Standing exactly in this blind spots without moving will keep you from being detected. In the rooms with security cameras, you'll also find shadows that you can blend into. Once you’ve passed the camera’s, a new challenge will present itself in the form of electronic doors. You will have to sabotage the circuit board to unlock these. Luckily, you can find extra gadgets within the levels or buy new gadgets from the shop with the cash you've found hidden in each level. The city depends on your ability to pull of this heist! Can you make sure Bob doesn’t get busted?
Want to see what sort of trouble Bob gets up to in his next adventure? Head over to Bob the Robber 3Bob The Robber 4 and Bob The Robber 5 to discover the next chapters of Bob’s exciting career!

Being a successful burglar will usually attract the worst kind of attention, but that's not the case with our local thief Bob in the Bob the Robber 3! The series continues with this 3rd installment, in which Bob embarks on a new adventure. His skills have caught the watchful eyes of a military intelligence agency and they’ve offered him a job. Now he has a big heist like no other to complete! Wear your mask and help him uncover the mysteries of the top secret base as you clear one level after another!
Bob is ready to face whatever a top-secret military base has in store for greedy trespassers! Your objective is to uncover all the secret documents hidden in each level as you try to reach the vault. A top-secret base wouldn't be complete without security cameras, tough guards, and many electronic obstacles that are designed to keep intruders out. This heist will not be easy, but Bob is determined to complete the job. Security cameras can be tricked! They can't catch what they can't see! Use the shadows to hide and stay still until you can dash to safety! No one can see you when you become one with the shadows. The dark circles under the eyes of the guards and the sluggish movements give away the bad working conditions of this place. Wait for the right time to knock them unconscious. Be careful though! Even though they appear sleepy, the guards are still big strong guys, and if they catch you they won’t let you go. Another type of obstacles you have to figure out a way around is locked doors. Bob can use his trusty lock pick to pick open most locks, but for some electronic doors he'll need to try a different approach. You'll need to unlock different gadgets to crack open certain doors and solve a number of new puzzles. We hope your utility belt has some free pockets left!
Bob deserves a nice vacation after this job. If you'd like to join him on a lucrative trip to Paris, head on to the next page and play the 4th game in the series Bob the Robber 4!

Our local burglar has turned his gaze overseas and in his 4th adventure, Bob the Robber 4 Season 1! Paris is a lovely destination for a vacation, but it also offers lucrative business opportunities for a dedicated thief. No one would notice a few missing art pieces! If they didn't want those art pieces to be stolen, then they shouldn't have put them on display, right? Bob is there to pick every lock, and no safe is able to resist his nimble fingers!

Bob enjoys the touristic locations of Paris, but he is even more interested in the things locked away in sturdy safe-boxes. As the sneaky burglar, your objective in Bob the Robber 4 is to collect the treasures located at the end of each level while solving puzzles, avoiding security cameras, and staying hidden from the security guards. The game has 15 levels, each with different designs, puzzles, and treasures. In each level, along with the main treasure, you can find hidden cash. Bob is an expert thief and he has an eye for these hidden stashes. Watch closely as you make your way through the different rooms. Bob will inform you about the presence of any stack of unsuccessfully hidden cash. Leaving such easily accessible money behind is a violation of the first rule of "Bob's Guide to Thievery"! Try to find all the hidden money in each level to earn the maximum amount of stars at the end. Be careful though! The museum is guarded by both security cameras and live guards! Getting caught will put an end to Bob's vacation immediately. Luckily, there are shadows that you can lurk in until things calm down. When you are in the same room with a guard or a security camera, find a patch of shadows to hide in. Staying still will render you invisible to the guards. Wait for the right moment to jump out and knock them unconscious! Grab your lock pick and prod every lock until it pops open!
This is not the only adventure Bob has in store for you! Go and check out his other heists collected in our catalog of fun Bob the Robber games!

Enjoy this whole new release of Bob The Robber, with plenty of new and challenging levels!

Bob The Robber is back, and this time to mysterious Japan. These are the toughest missions yet - good luck beating them all!

In Bob the Robber 5: Temple Adventure, you’ll find out if the friendly burglar Bob made the right decision when he changed his profession. Modern buildings may have living inhabitants and guards, but ancient temples are long forgotten, right? And the only residents he would encounter would be reduced to bones and ash, you’d think. Surely, the dead won’t miss a few dusty relics and a couple of gems or gold nuggets. All of this may have flitted through Bob’s mind when he found a map in one of the houses he was robbing. Join him in his 5th adventure as an enthusiastic treasure hunter and try to claim the treasures of the ancient temple.

Bob the Robber 5: Temple Adventure features 10 levels, each with a different design and challenging puzzles to solve. As the enthusiastic novice treasure hunter, your objective is to clear every level by getting past the dangerous obstacles. Bob was a lazy student and he didn't pay attention to the "Dangers of the Ancient Temples" class. Unfortunately for him, the ancient temple is filled with traps and supernatural guardians! These won't intimidate Bob, however. Being sneaky is second nature to him. Navigate through each level with the arrow keys. You can hide in the shadows to avoid your enemies. Mummies, witch doctors, and mercenaries are a few of the many unfriendly denizens of the ancient temple. Wait for the right time and knock them unconscious. It seems that the ancient temple even has a type of mystical security camera and passcode enabled doors that you must find your way around. Being a burglar, Bob knows when he is near a hidden treasure. You'll find hidden gold coins in each level. When you are close to one, Bob will mention it so that you can collect it by pressing the UP arrow key. There are many puzzles to solve. Some traps require certain gadgets to be disabled and you’ll need to find the passcodes to unlock certain doors. Let nothing stand between you and the treasure!
Bob is a seasoned burglar. Be sure to check out his other adventures collected in our list of free Bob the Robber games!

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