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You can enjoy the fantastic adventures of the cute red car Wheely for free here at Kizi. A car’s life might seem simple to you but Wheely is no ordinary car. Our adventurous and brave car friend Wheely will never back down in the face of a challenge. From escaping from a showroom to saving the damsel in distress, these Wheely games with their amazing stories and fun puzzle-filled levels will make you a fan of the series just like many players around the world. Come on and start playing! Wheely needs your help.

Adventure awaits in these fun Wheely series

Wheely is probably the most adventurous car you have ever meet. Can’t wait to meet this cute car? Then you can start your Wheely experience by playing the first-ever game in the series, Wheely 1. Here you will find Wheely parked in the Pegas car showroom and he needs your help to escape this uneventful life. Things will get heated when they notice his absence and police cars start to look for our fugitive friend. In Wheely’s world, even mowing the lawn could be the start of an adventure. Join Wheely as he ends up in space to stop a meteor that began hurtling toward the Earth while he was trying to replace his broken lawnmower in the hilarious fifth game of the series, Wheely 5. More adventures await in the other games of this amazing series so start your journey now!

All Wheely games are on Kizi!

Join Wheely in his many adventures. We’ve collected many games in this amazing series just for you! Go on and choose one and start playing!
Wheely 1

Wheely the little red car was put on sale, but even so nobody seemed to be very interested despite the discount. This is breaking our main character's heart, but when he sees a poster about an upcoming automobile race, he knows what he must do! Joining a race and winning it will show everyone that our hero is a fantastic car. And so in Wheely 1, our funny car has decided to escape from the showroom, but he’ll need your help to make it through the puzzle-filled 15 levels of this game. Clear the way and help him reach his dreams!

As the first game in the popular series, Wheely 1 features 15 levels with lots of interesting puzzles to solve, intimidating enemies to avoid, and a colourful world to experience. Start the game at the Pegas car showroom, where the red car is parked by the display window. He’s excited about the adventure that awaits him, so let him know when it is time to move by clicking on him. He’ll move forward and you can use the lever to free him. Your objective is to reach the finish line at the end of each level, which is marked with a red flag. Each level has different puzzles to solve, traps and obstacles to avoid, and mean characters to evade. Look carefully at all the levers, platforms, elevators, and buttons in each level. Move everything into place and allow yourself to roll forward in Wheely 1. Have you figured out how all the machines work? Some levels are a little more tricky because the button you need to push in order to get rid of an obstacle might be hidden beneath something. In some levels, you’ll have to help our hero to escape from the police cars. Push obstacles in their way to block their path. Keep your eyes both on your pursuers and on the road. To avoid unwanted attention, you can also chang appearance by changing color, wheels, and windows. It might not work as planned, but having a new look surely lifts one's spirits!
A fine example of the Point and Click Puzzle Game genre, the game Wheely 1 has many sequels. Go ahead and check out the other games in our Wheely games collection!

Wheely 2
Everyone’s favorite little red car is back for a new adventure in Wheely 2. Our curious car is on the move again. His simple life as a bachelor changed when he saw another car and fell head over heels love! Escaping from the car park to see his new love didn't go so smoothly though. His love interest, the little pink car, is unexpectedly taken out of the showroom and has been loaded up for transport. It’s up to you to help Wheely chase down the truck and reunite the lovers! Help Wheely prove that nothing can stand between true lovers!

In Wheely 2, the cute car is back with more entertaining levels and interesting puzzles in this second game of the popular Wheely series. Explore 16 levels full of new puzzles and characters. Wheely 2 tells the next chapter in the life of the little red car as you go on an adventure to travel the land, cross the sea, and even take to the sky! Who said cars can't fall in love? Wheely is keen on finding his crush and confessing his love. Nothing will stop him! He will travel the seas, venture into deep forests, and even jump out of a plane for love! Just like in the other games in the series, your objective as the player is to clear the path for Wheely in each level and help him reach the endpoint without getting trapped or killed. Pull the levers, rotate the cogs, and press the buttons! Use the left mouse button to activate mechanisms and figure out how everything works. Pay attention to the timing of your actions, since some puzzle pieces and obstacles are mobile. Tell him when to move and when to stop by clicking on him.
Wheely’s adventures don’t stop here. There are many more games in the series and you can play them all at Kizi! Check our Wheely games page to find out more! Have fun playing!
Wheely 3

Wheely 3 takes place after the events of the second game where Wheely and Jolie reunited at the end of an exciting adventure. Now they are married and Jolie wants to replace one of her wheels. Wheely will not settle for any old wheel though! His wife Jolie deserves the best there is, and Wheely is keen on getting the roundest and most beautiful wheel for her. Such a wheel is not a common thing to come by, so it is time for a new adventure! Travel through the city and other exciting places to find the perfect wheel!

Welcome to the colorful and puzzle-filled world of Wheely 3. Being married is nice, but Wheely wants to make Jolie as happy as he possibly can. As the player, you can help Wheely to find the wheel Jolie asked for. Join him on his third adventurous journey. Just like the previous games, Wheely 3 has lots of entertaining levels filled with tricky puzzles to solve and new obstacles to overcome. Can you help Wheely reach his destination by pressing the buttons and pulling the levels to move everything around and clear a path for him? In each level, you must move Wheely to the red flag marking the finish. Manipulate his surroundings to ensure safe passage. Use your left mouse button to press on items, pick things up, and rotate cogwheels to solve the puzzles. Click on Wheely so he knows when it’s time to stop or to go! Some levels will require a keen eye, so pay attention to all the details. In some levels, you might need to race against the clock, too! Beware of large gaps and moving platforms!
Vroom, vroom! Wheely is back on the road again, and he has many adventures ahead of him. His journey doesn’t stop here. Visit our Wheely games collection to play the other entertaining games in this series!
Wheely 4

Help the cute and adventurous car Wheely again in his fourth adventure, Wheely 4! Enjoying a simple night out at the local oil cafe, a bird dropped a nail on the ground just as Wheely was about to drive by. Unaware of the sharp situation, he drove right over the nail and got a flat tire. To get a new tire, Wheely had to visit the repair shop, so he made his way there, but he got more than he bargained for when the repair shop installed high-tech systems in his car! Help him get used to his new gear!

Just like the previous games in the series, Wheely offers fun gameplay with interesting puzzles on each level. Different mechanics will force you to think twice before pressing those big red buttons. Bad timing will get your sporty red car trapped or worse. Your objective as the player is to create a clear path for Wheely on each level. To do that, you have to solve the puzzles and provide safe passage for Wheely to reach the red flag at the end of each level. You can also try to find hidden items in each level to earn stars. There are two items you definitely need to look out for. One is a tire, which is cleverly hidden somewhere in the background. The other is a toy version of Wheely! You won't be able to see the toy easily, but you should do everything you can to find it. Finding and collecting both items and completing the level will win you a total of three stars! Challenge yourself and try to get all the stars on every level!
Don't think that Wheely will stop there! His adventurous nature will take him on another journey, and you can join and help him at other Wheely games in our collection. Wheely 5,Wheely 6,Wheely 7and Wheely 8 are waiting for you!
Wheely 5

In the Wheely world, even a mundane chore like mowing the lawn can get really extreme really fast! Join the shiny red car Wheely in his 5th adventure and see how what starts out as an ordinary day turns into an action-packed adventure! Replacing a broken lawnmower should be an easy job. But not when there is an Armageddon happening! Can Wheely survive this bizarre day while his wife Jolie watches TV, completely unaware that it’s, like, THE END OF THE WORLD???

Welcome to Wheely 5, where puzzle solving meets adventure and excitement. Broken lawnmowers, a meteor hurtling towards the Earth, panicked citizens, traffic jam, yada yada yada... As usual, it’s turning out to be a tough day for Wheely. Luckily, he has you. Are you ready to face the chaos? Can you help Wheely get a new lawnmower despite all the mayhem in the city? As Wheely’s most trusted helper, your objective in the game is to clear all the obstacles from Wheely's path by solving puzzles, pushing buttons and pulling levers, just like in the other games of the popular series! On each level, you will face different puzzles. They may seem difficult to solve, but if you put your thinking cap on, you’ll be able to crack the mysteries. Before you start moving Wheely around, have a look at the level and get to know the mechanisms. You can push some buttons to see what happens, but sometimes that will cause you to get stuck on a level. To activate a button or pull a lever, all you have to do is to click on it with the left mouse button. Clicking on Wheely will make him move. If you want him to stop, just click on him again. Some puzzles require you to time your clicks carefully or Wheely will get stuck, or worse!
Courage is Wheely’s defining trait, and he proves this on many of his adventures. From forests to cities and even in outer space, Wheely will go anywhere he needs to. Why not join him on his adventures with our collection of Wheely games? When you are done playing Wheely 5,try out its sequels Wheely 6,Wheely 7 and Wheely 8
Wheely 6

You've arrived just in time! Wheely and Jolie are about to go to the movies! Come and join them in the sixth installment of the entertaining puzzle game series, Wheely 6! After all the trouble they’ve been getting into lately, both Wheely and Jolie deserve some relaxation. Seeing all the great new movies playing at the local theatre, they decide to visit. In Wheely 6, as he becomes immersed in the movie, our hero finds himself in a medieval setting surrounded by knights, kings, princesses, and wizards. The princess gets kidnapped by the evil sorcerer and it is your job to help Wheely rescue her!

After jumping from planes and traveling to space to stop a meteor from hitting the Earth, Wheely now finds himself in a fairytale. Wheely 6 offers loads of fun and exciting stories in 14 levels, each one filled with fun puzzles, just like the previous games. Uh oh: The silhouette of the dark wizard and his dragon is darkening the sky. You’d better start the rescue mission immediately! As Wheely's trusted helper, your objective is to clear his path in every level to help him reach the exit safely. To do that, you have to solve the puzzles and remove the obstacles you come across. The dark forces at work might be beyond the comprehension of simple folk, but the controls of the game are very simple. To interact with the buttons, levers and other game mechanisms, click on them using the left mouse button. On some levels, you have to time your actions carefully because Wheely might get stuck or even die! Wheely’s story can’t end like that, so be careful! At the end of each level, you can win a maximum of three stars. You get one just for completing the level. To get the other two, you have to find two hidden objects: a wheel and a toy car. The wheel is blended into the background so it may be a bit challenging to find it. The toy car is rather easy to find. All you need to do is poke the surroundings to discover where it is hiding.
Did you enjoy this Wheely 6 adventure? If so, be sure to check out our collection Wheelie games to experience more, and try out the following titles Wheely 7and Wheely 8
Wheely 7
Play Wheely 7 for free online! The adventures of everybody’s favorite red car continue in the seventh game of the popular series! Many things have happened to him in his previous adventures, but nothing can stop Wheely from wanting to experience more! Normally, a trip to the bank should be uneventful, but you are in Wheely’s world, where even the simplest things turn into an adventure that will suck you in! After depositing his money and returning home, Wheely hears sirens coming from the bank. Sneaky cars have stolen everything down to the last dime and Wheely has to catch them. Grab your magnifying glass and your detective coat. It's time for an investigation!

Filthy thieves! They stole every penny from the bank, including Wheely’s money! The police cars are nowhere to be found, so it falls to Wheely to catch the thieves. In the seventh Wheely adventure, you will be visiting various places in the city as you collect clues on each level. Like the previous games in the series, each level is filled with puzzles and obstacles that you need to solve to complete the level. In addition to the main puzzles in the levels, you can also try to find two hidden items to earn stars at the end of each level. A toy car and a wheel are hidden in each level. Pay attention to your surroundings and you’ll find them. The controls are also easy. All you have to do is click on the buttons, levers, platforms, and other mechanisms to move and activate them by using the left mouse button. To complete a level, solve all the puzzles, clear all the obstacles and help Wheely reach the end point!
Show those thieves that they can’t get away with robbery! Are you curious about the other adventures of Wheely? If so, be sure to check out our collection of exciting Wheely games!
Wheely 8

Play Wheely 8 for free online! Encountering foxes and other wildlife during a pleasant picnic might be a common occurrence, but in Wheely 8, the eighth installment of the popular puzzle game series, there is no place for common things. Is that a shooting star? In the day time? No! That’s a UFO! What luck! It crashed just beside the spot where Wheely and Jolie decided to have a picnic. Don't be afraid, though. These extraterrestrials are friendly, and they need help to repair their spaceship. Wheely has offered to help them, and he trusts you to handle the situation. Turn this picnic into an unforgettable memory by helping the aliens and showing them that Earth is friendly to prevent a future invasion!

Wheely’s fame has reached beyond the stars and aliens need his help to fix their spaceship. In the eighth adventure of your favorite red car, help Wheely travel through the city, forest, and other places to collect the right tools to repair the aliens’ spaceship. Wheely knows just the right one for this job, the owner of the local repair shop. As the player, your job is to help Wheely complete each level as he tries to collect the right parts. Similar to the other games in this puzzle-adventure game series, you have to solve puzzles and clear various obstacles in each level to create a safe path for Wheely to help him reach the exit. The end of the level is marked with a red flag and reaching it without getting trapped or killed is your main objective. You can also try to find two hidden items in each level for extra points: a wheel and a toy car. The controls are not complicated like the latest alien technology. All you have to do to activate and move the puzzles and other mechanisms in the levels is to click on them.
This is not the only Wheely adventure! Have you seen him battling dragons and dark wizards to save the princess? If not, then get ready to dive into a medieval fantasy world in Wheely 6!

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