'Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker' Special Episode DLC Proves Its Best Played Together

Nintendo has breathed new life into the Switch port of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker with a special episode DLC that dropped last week on the heels of the free February update.
The Special Episode DLC includes five new stages and 18 remixed levels that incorporate the new co-op adventure mode from the February update. Partner with a friend to explore levels and gather gems and pieces of the shattered crown.
However, unlike the base game where one player controls Toad/Toadette and the other moves the camera the new DLC allows for two players to roam around each level. This new feature brings a level of cooperative play that wasn't present in the base game. It makes revisiting Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker a blast.

captain toad special episode dlc review impressions
The special episode DLC brings fun co-op gameplay to an already fun title. Nintendo
The first part of the Special Episode DLC are the five new stages. They are well-constructed,unique levels that and get progressively more difficult in the puzzle-solving department as you make your way through.
You have the simple stage layout of Shifty Shrine, where you make your way up the shrine to the crown while avoiding villains and the stage opening and closing. It's all about timing in this stage, but it's still a great level to test the new co-op play.
Another new stage, Goomba Galleon, is a multi-level stage set on a pirate ship. It's well-designed, with the goal being to sink the ship into the water to get to the crown (and gems). It's a beautiful stage that was easily one of my favorite new levels.

captain toad dlc goomba galleon
Speaking of the co-op play, it works well in the Special Episode DLC. Despite sharing the same screen, the camera and angles allow for both players to easily navigate the level without bumping into each other or getting in the way. The only gripe I have with this is how the camera can be controlled by both players. This wouldn't seem like a problem, but if you to separate the camera is moved without notifying the other player and it can disorient you and lead to your Toad falling off the stage. Would have preferred the first player being the only one to control the camera, but this does force players to talk out their strategy.
As for the remixed stages, Nintendo accommodates both players. They seem a little bigger and give different challenges. One is a timed-challenge that spawns different crowns around the level. The objective is to collect each crown one by one as they spawn. If you're too slow, they will disappear and you'll have to start over. This is really where the co-op aspect works. One player can start where the first crown appears and the other can be on the other side of the stage. You can both cover more ground this way.
The other challenge is putting levels during the nighttime and have them overrun with Boos. Not only does the darkness add to the exploration of each stage, but fighting hordes of Boos take a cooperative effort to manage. There were plenty of times where me and my partner were surrounded by Boos and we had to shine our lights on each one to get rid of them. Without cooperation, they will overrun you.

captain toad treasure tracker dlc boos

For $5.99, the Special Episode DLC really makes Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker feel like a new game. If you've put it down since its release, this is a great addition to get you playing again. And if it's your first time with the game, there is now plenty of content to play.
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Special Episode DLC is available now in the Nintendo eShop.
You can watch the first chapter (stages 1-7) of the Special Episode DLC in our Let's Play video below.
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