Dragon Raja Review


An Orphan Betrayed

You overhear the evil Director Herzog reveal that he’s dosing you and your fellow orphans with elder dragon blood in an attempt to turn you into super soldiers. Learning that the mysterious Cassell College seeks to uncover his plot, Director Herzog orders that all the orphans be killed. You run as fast as you can to warn your friends, but armed soldiers have already arrived. Despite their abilities, one by one your friends fall. In a desperate attempt to save your life, one of your friends pushes you down a hill and into the sea. You later awake at Cassell College where the adventure truly begins.
Dragon Raja’s in-depth and unique storyline is riveting. The game features top-notch voice overs and some of the best cutscene graphics on mobile. Filled with dragons, guns, magic and crazed scientists, Dragon Raja perfectly melds sci-fi and fantasy to create a uniquely compelling atmosphere. Fans of Final Fantasy will find Dragon Raja to be reminiscent of the franchise while still managing to be unique.

Not Your Typical RPG

Unlike your typical RPG, Dragon Raja ventures away from the Mage, Warrior, Rogue archetype classes. Instead, players can choose between Blademaster, Gunslinger, Assassin, and Soul Dancer for their respective class. The Blademaster and Gunslinger classes are self-explanatory. The Assassin uses magical attacks while the soul dancer can summon a doppelganger in spirit form to aid them in battle. As a Soul Dancer, I am equipped with some cool attacks including Witch’s Kiss which turns my opponent into an adorable duckling for three seconds. 
As an avid RPG player, I couldn’t have been more thrilled with Dragon Raja’s character customization. It’s an incredibly in-depth system that allows you to choose not only your gender and hairstyle but also more minuscule details such as cheekbone prominence and eyebrow angle. Besides choosing male or female, there is also the option to create a Lolita character. Lolita is listed as a third gender option, though Lolita characters must be female. After spending a substantial amount of time creating my avatar, I dove into the world of Dragon Raja.


Campus Life

There is much to do in Dragon Raja besides the riveting main campaign. Your character can choose between the superstar or cuisine career. As a superstar, practice vocal techniques and dance moves and perform in after school dance shows to gain career experience. As you gain career levels you unlock activities. You are also encouraged to join a club which is essentially Dragon Raja’s version of a guild. 
The game features capture-the-base style PVP battles as well as cooperative play events. Despite being mainly a single-player game, the PVP elements run smoothly. I found the PVP battles to be extremely fun despite my preference for solo gameplay. 
Dragon Raja is all about style. There’s a mini-game that lets you try your hand at fashion. The game gives you a theme such as Brave Warrior and you must put together an outfit that best embodies said theme. The game also lets you move in style. Early on you’ll receive a sleek motorcycle which, like your hair and clothes, can be dyed different colors to suit your taste. As you progress, you’ll unlock more modes of transportation such as the hang glider.


Dragon Raja is an intensely exciting RPG. The game’s graphics are gorgeous, and the character customization is top-notch. With an intriguing fully-voiced main storyline and charming, lovable characters, Dragon Raja offers an immersive experience. The controls are intuitive, and the fast-paced combat is stellar. Dragon Raja is truly one of the best RPGs on mobile.
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