The Quest: Basilisks Eye Review


The Quest of an Empire

The Quest has come a long way since its initial launch in 2006. From its original release for pocket PCs to being remastered in 2009 for Android and iOS, the ambitious turn-based RPG now adds yet another chapter to its long and mysterious history. Originally developed by Redshift Games, The Quest stands apart from its peers with far more immersion to offer than most mobile RPGs. It accomplishes this by combining a genuine open world experience with detailed alchemy, and fully developed skill and magic systems.
However, since its remastering, the turn-based RPGs expansion DLCs have been mainly taken over by Zarista Games, to continue building upon The Quest’s rich and sprawling world. Basilisks Eye, the sixteenth and newest expansion takes our fated hero to an entirely new part of The Angamanain Empire. Here veterans of the storied franchise and newcomers alike can get lost in an all new section of the ancient world with fierce enemies to battle, quests to beat, and areas to explore.


Where to Begin?

So, what is Basilisks Eye all about, and what will it cost to add it to your game library? Like its predecessors, Basilisks Eye is not a free download, instead the expansion will run you $2.99. No additional purchases need to be made however with Zarista’s latest DLC. The title works as both its own standalone game, as well as expansion for those that already own The Quest.
Already have the original downloaded? Simply go to Mithria Harbor and speak to Captain Hanty but be warned. The challenges in this expansion are recommended for players at or above a level 75. What about first time players that are nowhere close to that rank? Developers bypass this by giving hero’s a pre-generated character with the appropriate rankings, abilities, and gear.


The Basilisk Awaits

Play as Yezdagert! You have been summoned to the palace of the wind lord. A man known as Lord Zephar, who tasks you with rescuing his daughter. The beauty and mystery of the Empire has been shattered by the basilisk that has taken her and hides in his mountain fortress. Here he sends his evil clone minions to wreak havoc across this ancient land.
However, you are not alone. Lord Zephar houses powerful allies known as the four winds in his palace. These members of the ancient race have studied the Basilisk for centuries. Only with the help of each of these spirits, North, East, West, and South, can you hope to conquer the evil Basilisk, rescue Lord Zephar’s daughter and save the empire. A long and fulfilling quest pits your character against wild beasts, deadly weather, and terrible monsters. Basilisks Eye will push even veterans of The Quest to their limits.


Challenges with every turn 

Gameplay in the Basilisks Eye takes a retro classic approach. Utilize a turn-based combat style and grid style of movement reflected in many an old school title. Rather than free roam the world dodging enemies at every opportunity, players must rely on strategy to defeat the Basilisk and its minions. Work with a wide assortment of potions, weapons, and magic to defeat the powerful enemies they will face. Accomplish this using the plethora of spells and potions at Yezdagert’s disposal. These spells and potions range from simple healing and magic curses to Fireballs and plague immunity.
Earn new skills and with experience, and access them via a your players mana pool. Mana can be replenished in game by resting or through quaffing a potion. Further potions, weapons, and armor can be purchased or found by exploring the open world of the Empire, with no shortage to be discovered. If you don’t want to explore, players can go to merchants in game to buy and sell goods bolstering their inventory. Earn, buy, or find items in-game. Purchases are never forced on players at any point. Instead microtransactions are replaced with a rich but challenging reward system. Focus on your particular style and strategy rather than a credit card.


An ever-expanding Empire 

When Redshift Games created the world of The Angamanain Empire, the studio wanted to separate their title from other mobile RPGs. They did this by creating a hand drawn environment with incredible depth. A style that to some may feel dated, but in a story focused and lore driven world fits perfectly. The games visuals resemble classic Nintendo titles like Legend of Zelda and Bugs Bunny Birthday Bash with their pixelated visual, bright colors and sharp edges.
Yet, The Quest captures that prized vintage feel with none of the extra baggage attached. Zarista Games expansion mirrors its predecessor adding new layers of depth. This alongside a wide assortment of enemies and areas only enriches that experience. Barring a minimap that proves difficult to read, as well as some minor in game lag issues, Basilisks Eye proves itself to be thoroughly enjoyable and well worth the $2.99 price tag. So, what are you waiting for hero? Your quest awaits!
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