The Scariest Monsters in the Resident Evil Franchise

Resident Evil has made a name for itself as one of the most iconic survival horror franchises on the market by revolutionizing the way players experience scares. From Resident Evil to the most recent addition to the franchise Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, these games have provided new, horrifying creatures that make players jump out of there skin.
With so many different creatures popping up in each Resident Evil games, its hard to to say which one is the scariest. Some reoccurring monsters have gotten better over the years, some have never been scary in the first place, but some are outright spine tingling from anyone's perspective. Here are the scariest monsters found in each Resident Evil game.
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Resident Evil - Cerberus (Zombie Dogs)

From when they were first introduced in the original Resident Evil, Cerberus or zombie dogs have been terrifying for all players. They hear a howl in the distance warning them of the impending horror when suddenly Cerberus crash through a random window and attack. These flesh tearing zombie dogs require precise and quick aim to take down, and if they are not dealt with quickly, they knock players to the ground, causing immobility and panic.
The dogs have been seen throughout the Resident Evil Franchise, but the original game was their mother, which should be given credit for creating such a sweat inducing monster. All players are put to the test when they first encounter Cerberus, as everyone who has played the first Resident Evil remembers the iconic moment when Cerberus crashes through a hallway window to attack. For such an early game, Cerberus truly revolutionized how video games can scare their players.

Resident Evil 2 - Mr. X

This character was perfected in the Resident Evil 2 remake. He is a burly, wrinkled face brute that somehow sneaks around players off screen, so he can creepily surprise them later in the game. First encountered in Raccoon City's police station in Resident Evil 2, players can hear Mr. X's footsteps skulking around just before he pops out and knocks players out with his massive fists. One of the scariest moments in the game is when players are lead to believe Mr. X is behind them so they rush forward, opening a door to suddenly reveal Mr. X in front of them.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis - Nemesis

Nemesis is smarter and faster than other Tyrant models and is the main antagonist in the third installment of the Resident Evil franchise. He is also know as the Pursuer or the Chaser because he follows the characters in Resident Evil 3, chasing them almost all the way to the end of the game with a rocket launcher.
Nemesis keeps players on their toes, not knowing when he may pop up to chase them throughout the game. After using a lot of heavy ammo, players can shoot off Nemesis' trench coat and rocket launcher which makes him then attack with long tentacles. After attacking Nemesis with acid, he mutates, absorbs another Tyrant, becomes even larger, and eventually gains the ability to spit poison at players. He seems all but invincible until players finally have the option to kill him two different ways.

Resident Evil- Code: Veronica - Nosferatu

Nosferatu is terrifying to look at but gets even scarier when his back story is revealed. Originally the father of the Ashford twins, Alexander Ashford was injected with the T-Veronica virus by Alexia but deemed a failure. He was locked in the basement of their antarctic research facility for 17 years where he grew more and more insane before being release by Claire in Resident Evil- Code: Veronica. Players have to fight his new disgustingly twisted form, and it is gut wrenching.

Resident Evil Zero - Lurkers

Lurkers are essentially giant frogs that jump out of water randomly to try and swallow players whole. They are encountered only 4 times in the game and their appearance is randomly generated making each playthough unique. They can either attack with their tongue by swinging it at players, or for those less fortunate to get too close, they shoot out their tongue, wrapping it around the players ankles and slowly drag them into their mouth until they swallow them whole. This scene is incredibly uncomfortable for players and it causes an immediate game over like some of the other scarier monsters in Resident Evil.

Resident Evil 4 - Iron Maiden/Regenerador

Their decaying bodies and open, jagged-toothed mouths make Iron Maidens something terrifying to look at, but the gameplay makes them so much more nail biting to encounter. If players shoot off an arm, it grows back. If they shoot off their legs they crawl along the floor. While these monsters move very slowly, they can reach out their arms across an entire room and grab players, pulling them to meet each other almost instantly. They can also extend their spikes just as far in an unpredictable instant. They can kill players in a spike ridden embrace as well as shoot their spikes across a room and kill instantly, so their speed means nothing if players are in their line of sight. All of this makes them a formidable and terrifying foe in Resident Evil 4.
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Resident Evil 5 -  Executioners

The most notable executioner is Majini who is seen throughout Resident Evil 5 but executioners are seen in multiple Resident Evil games and are terrifying with each new encounter. Most wield a giant axe or chainsaw and can kill in one disgusting smash or swing. Although they are not necessarily fast, they are usually accompanied by a horde of other enemies. As such, players forget about executioners as they are dealing with the lesser enemies until one is on top of them swinging their giant bloody axe down on their head. It's not really the gameplay or the attributes of these executioners that make them so scary but the shear design of them. They are terrifying to look at and extremely powerful if players let them get too close.

Resident Evil 6 - Ustanak

Ustanak was created from a human that was not concerned with losing his humanity if it meant gaining great power. Ustanak is a giant, fast brute that bashes through walls and pursues players much like Nemesis or other Tyrants. Unlike Tyrants, however, Ustanak was created using the C-virus and not the T-Virus, so his mutations were not exactly perfect. While they gifted exaggerated power, Ustanak's right arm did not regrow, so instead Ustanak has a giant, metal, hook-like hand where his right arm should be. This monster is terrifying when it chases players through the world and the added size and metal weapons make it a refreshing take on the horrifying Nemesis style of monster.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard -  Marguerite Baker

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard set a new standard for survival horror. While many believe Resident Evil 6 was a letdown, Resident Evil 7 revitalized the genre with more scary monsters than ever before. One of which was Marguerite Baker, the matriarch of the Baker family. Players encounter Marguerite throughout Resident Evil 7 and each time they do, Marguerite has a new trick up her sleeve. She chases players, providing constant jump scares, she has a disgusting, gangling form, she crawls on ceilings and walls, and she controls insects. All of this makes for one utterly repulsive monster.

Resident Evil 3 releases April 3, 2020, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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