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Considering they’re an endangered species, you’d think pandas would be more careful with their adventurous instincts. Join the fun puzzle-solving platform adventures with 3 Pandas games here at Kizi and help the protagonists with challenging levels, mean enemies, and other fun mechanics. Take control of three panda brothers and help them overcome the troubles they encounter in these amazing online games. From escaping pirates to exploring the amazing world of a fantasy realm, prepare to be amazed by the colorful and hilarious possibilities waiting for you!

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These free 3 Pandas games are nothing short of amazing and mind-boggling puzzles! No matter where they go, these cute brothers will find a way to get into trouble. It might not seem like it, but they usually panic and need an outside perspective to find a way out. In every game, you will find puzzles that you can solve by using the different skills of these panda brothers. From an enchanting fantasy realm to the serene hamlets of Japan, try to find a way out in each level. Make the pandas climb on each other to reach a high platform or throw the little panda brother above an obstacle to activate that lever! Fight with dragons, goblins, pirates, and more with these fantastic free games.

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We collected all the fun 3 Pandas games for you to enjoy here at Kizi. Dive into the colorful world of the three adventurous panda brothers with the games we’ve gathered at this page, for free!
In 3 Pandas 1, get ready to join the three panda brothers in their first adventure. Getting kidnapped by pirates, these three adventurers need some help from escaping their captors. Can you lead them out of the danger, and help them return back to the safety of their home?
Eating bamboo leaves was relaxing until these filthy pirates set foot at the home of the pandas. They've kidnapped the brothers, and now it's time for an escape plan. Your objective in this game is to complete each level by solving puzzles by using the three characters. You can play the game with your mouse, so click on the play button at the main menu to start. On a level, you'll see different objects that you can interact with. Each character has a unique ability. The small panda can be thrown, the tall panda can help others dangle from ledges, and lastly, the big panda can hold the other two on top of him to reach high places. Reaching the arrow at the end of a level completes it, and you can continue on the next one. Have fun!
If you enjoyed playing this game, then why don't you try other titles in the series? Be sure to play 3 Pandas in Fantasy too! Enjoy!

Even an ordinary day at a funfair could turn into an exciting adventure for everyone's favorite panda trio, the 3 Pandas. In 3 Pandas in Fantasy, join our friends as they decide to explore a fantasy land filled with fairies, dwarves, mages, ogres, and many other mythical creatures. Thinking the fantasy house is an ordinary attraction at the funfair, the pandas found themselves in a different universe filled with a variety of challenges. Can you help them make their way back home through the levels full of challenging puzzles?

This new adventure started when the panda trio decided to take a look at the fantasy house. Little they know, the house is actually a portal to a mystical world! In 3 Pandas in Fantasy, magic is real! Be prepared to visit all sorts of enchanting locations with magical residents. Just like the other titles in this fun game series, you must guide the panda brothers through the levels to solve the puzzles and overcome the many obstacles they face. To control the pandas, simply click anywhere in the level. Your cursor will take a different shape depending on the items you hover over. The pandas can jump, climb, and perform other actions. Each of the panda brothers also has a special ability. You can click on each panda bear to use their unique skills. The big panda can lift the others to reach higher places, and you can throw the small panda to access hard-to-reach spots within each level. In some levels, you have to help other characters to clear the way. Help the fairies trapped by the ogre. Break their cage, or borrow a miner dwarf's mine cart after helping him delivering the gemstones. You can even help a dragon to escape from some trolls!
Sitting down and munching on bamboo all day is not how these pandas want to spend their holidays! As the most adventurous creatures of their kind, they always manage to find trouble wherever they go. Check our collection of fun 3 Pandas games to help them out of other scrapes!
Pack your bags and wear your shades because in the game 3 Pandas in Brazil we’re going to visit the sunny beaches of Brazil with everybody's favorite panda trio. After all of their adventures, our friends decided that they could use a vacation. However, their dreams of spending some time relaxing in the sun got ruined, just like the sandcastle they were building. A mean animal trader decided to kidnap them! It didn't take the three pandas long to escape. But when they got away, they realised that they had been taken to Brazil! Join the pandas on this amazing journey and play football, wear a mask to attend the carnival, and explore the streets of Brazil in this fun game filled with many different and entertaining puzzles.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire! Our pandas are used to getting into trouble, but they didn’t expect to deal with quite as many challenges as 3 Pandas in Brazil has thrown their way. Just like in the other games belonging to this addictive series, your objective as the player is to complete each level by solving the puzzles. Control the pandas and help them work together. You can move the pandas around and interact with their environment using the left mouse button. In addition to jumping and climbing, each of these pandas has a unique set of abilities that you can use to solve the various puzzles and overcome the many obstacles. To use a panda's ability, click on them and then on the icon that appears nearby. Small Panda can be launched in the direction of hard-to-reach places. Slim panda can hold onto ledges and let you reach the lower platforms. Lastly, these two pandas can climb onto Big Panda to make a tower.
Adventure is second nature to the panda brothers in this game series starring the 3 Pandas, and you can also enjoy the many other amazing installments here at Kizi. Visit our 3 Pandas games online to join this trio for lots of other fun puzzles and adventures!
As the sequel to the first game, 3 Pandas 2nd Night continues the adventures of the three panda brothers, Small, Slim and Big. After finding themselves stranded on an island filled with unwelcoming natives, our three pandas need your help to evade the local residents' attempts to catch them. Take control of the three resourceful pandas and play through the amazing levels filled with interesting and entertaining puzzles. From exotic bugs to carnivorous plants, this island is packed with all kinds of hazards and challenges! Get ready to dive deep into your next big adventure!

Spending a night in the outdoors could be troublesome, even if it’s only your backyard. The 3 Pandas have to spend their night on an island filled with dangers, from aggressive locals to hungry plants. Just like the other titles in this addictive series, your objective in 3 Pandas 2nd Night is to complete each level by taking control of the panda brothers and manipulating your environment to create a safe and a clear path to your destination. Despite being stranded on an undiscovered island, you will find many different contraptions that you can use. From pressing buttons to pulling levers, there are a variety of ways to activate these mechanisms. The puzzles in this game might seem quite challenging, but the game controls are pretty simple. Use your left mouse button to interact with your environment. You can control all three of your pandas, and each little bear has a different ability. The small one can be launched into the air to access the places that are hard to reach. The slim one can hold onto ledges to reach the otherwise unreachable lower platforms. Lastly, the big one can carry the others on his head to reach high places. Can you help the panda brothers work together to escape this ruthless jungle and find the way back home?
These 3 Pandas are so cool! They’ve experienced many other adventures, which you can also check out and play on our website. Visit our collection of 3 Pandas games and explore the world with this trio of intrepid bears!
Everybody's favorite trio is back with a new adventure in this latest installment in the series, 3 Pandas in Japan! While enjoying the cultural attractions of Japan, our curious pandas found themselves in the middle of a big heist. They became witnesses to a crime when they accidentally took photos of some sneaky ninja thieves. Being the only ones aware of the theft that took place, the pandas have followed the thieves. Can you help them make things right again? Join the trio and try to pass lots of new levels filled with fun puzzles. Help them catch the thieves!

Japan is full of wonders, and that’s the main reason the 3 Pandas decided to visit there. Getting involved in trouble wasn't on their to-do list, but when the thieves broke their camera, they decided that enough is enough and went after them. Just like the other titles in the 3 Pandas series, you have to guide the 3 brothers through a series of amazing levels filled with challenging puzzles. As the player, your objective in this fun game is to complete these levels by solving the various problems the pandas encounter. From helping a trader load goods onto his cart to catching fish for a hungry bear so it can remove the boulder blocking your path, you will encounter many different characters in this journey. To overcome the obstacles they encounter, the brothers need to work together! Each of the 3 Pandas has a different set of skills. You can click on a panda to use their unique ability. The brothers could never have guessed that their pursuit of justice would take them to so many diverse locations, from serene countryside with pink cherry trees lining the streets to the bustling cities you can spot some roaming robots. Can you help the 3 Pandas find the thieves and return the stolen relic?
The 3 pandas have a way of finding adventure and getting into trouble. Visit our collection of fun 3 Pandas games and help them stay out of trouble - or, if that fails, get them out of the trouble they have gotten themselves into!

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