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Enjoy the mischievous adventures of the criminal duo in the Money Makers series here at Kizi! Take control of the criminal brothers and help them escape from their prison cell by navigating through many exciting levels in these addictive games. Puzzles, security cameras, guards, and other inmates are the obstacles lying between your characters and freedom. Choose one of these free fantastic games and start your prison break right now!

Money Movers: games to enjoy with a friend or by yourself

The brothers need each other’s help to escape the prison. In Money Movers games, you can play by yourself or with a friend! Control two characters by yourself or have a friend join you and work together to collect the money bags and pass levels. The brothers think that prison is not the best place to spend their time so they came up with a plan to escape. Help them win their freedom in the first game of the series, Money Movers 1. There are far more dangerous inmates in the prison but the guards and the security cameras will not let them pass easily. Use your environment to solve the puzzles, evade guards and inmates, and make your way through. You are fresh out of prison but your father needs to escape from his cell, too! In the second game of the series Money Movers 2, break into the prison to rescue the criminal brothers’ father. Many more adventures are waiting for you! Browse our Money Movers games and challenge yourself as you try to solve the various puzzles in these free games!

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Check out all the games in the Money Movers series that we’ve collected for you. Help the criminal brothers through all these games!

Only the most resourceful and courageous inmates would attempt a prison break. Meet with criminal brothers in the addictive game Money Movers and help them escape from their prison cell through different challenging and entertaining levels. This is the most secure prison in the country but the brothers are determined. No amount of traps, security cameras, or guards would be enough to stop them. Sneak into the prison and help them to reach their freedom!

Money Movers takes place in a prison where you control two brothers who are trying to escape. There is a total of 20 levels in this game and in each level, you will encounter different obstacles. Your objective as the player is to overcome these obstacles by pushing buttons, pulling levers, throwing and moving objects, and sometimes running away from other dangerous denizens of the prison. The prison is not deserted and in some levels, you have to face other inmates and guards, all trying to stop you from escaping. The criminal brothers are two differently built men. One is big, the other small. The big brother is capable of throwing objects but he lacks the speed and agility of his small brother. The small brother is faster and can pass through narrow passages, unlike his bigger brother. To complete the levels and clear your way, you have to use both of the characters because one can reach places the other can't. In every level, you will also see money bags that you should collect to unlock the bonus level. Each level has 3 money bags and not all of them will be easy to collect. Once you collect all the money bags in the game, you can play the bonus level and help the brothers escape from the prison with riches!
Who thought breaking out of prison would be this fun! Because of their adventurous natures, the brothers will surely get into trouble once they reach freedom. You can check out the other adventures of the criminal brothers in our collection of Money Movers games. Have fun and don't get caught!
Escaping from the prison was the first step, and now the criminal brothers have to break back in to free their father from his cell in the sequel to the first game, Money Movers 2. Return to the prison filled with various security measures such as cameras, laser detectors, and tough guards. Can you find your way through the maze-like prison and reach the criminal brothers' father or will your plans fail and the brothers end up in their cell once again? Control both characters and solve puzzles, avoid guards, and don't forget to be sneaky!

Just when they thought they’d left the prisoners' life behind the criminal brothers receive a letter from their father, asking for their help to free him from his cell. Join the brothers in their second adventure and sneak into the prison. Similar to the prequel, your objective is to complete each level by solving puzzles, pushing buttons, pulling levers, and evading guards. The prison is tightly protected with security cameras, laser detectors, and many other measures. You have two characters, the big brother and the small brother. While the small brother is quicker and more agile, he lacks the strength of the big brother. You need to control both of these characters to overcome the obstacles you face in every level. The small brother can fit through narrow passages and run through laser detectors without being caught, while the big brother can lift and throw objects to clear the way or knock down a pursuing guard. Featuring 20 different levels, Money Movers 2 offers various challenges that you’ll have to face. In each level, there are three money bags that you should collect to unlock a bonus level. Breaking into a prison might be harder than breaking out so be careful! The guards would love to entertain brothers as their guests.
Try the other adventures of the criminal brothers in our Money Movers games collection. Tough inmates, cruel guards, and other challenges are waiting for you in these free online games! Have fun!
A prison filled with dangerous inmates trying to escape is one of the worst places to be as a guard but in Money Movers 3, take your loyal guard dog and put an end to this prison break. These criminals might think they can intimidate you with their tattooed arms and tough faces but get ready to see them crying in fear when your trusted canine companion corners them. Take control of the guard and his dog and show those prisoners that they’re not going anywhere on your watch!

For the first time in the Money Movers series, change sides and take control of a guard and his companion guard dog and try to stop inmates from escaping from the prison in this third game. Similar to the other titles in this addictive series, the prison is filled with security cameras, laser detectors, platforms, and many other puzzle pieces. The guard and the dog have different uses and you need to control them both to complete each level. As the player, your objective is to apprehend every inmate in each level. These are the most dangerous prisoners and they will not stop easily. If you approach an inmate only with the guard character, they’ll beat you up and you’ll lose the game. To successfully put these criminals in chains, you need the help of your dog. Control both of the characters to solve the puzzles, move the platforms, and clear a path to the prisoners. Take the dog to the prisoners first to make them surrender in fear and then you can bind them with your guard. Similar to the other Money Movers games, there are money bags in each level that you should collect to unlock subsequent levels. Keep your guard up and maintain order!
Want to switch the roles and challenge yourself as you try to escape from prison? Then start your prison break with the first game in this popular series, Money Movers 1. Have fun!
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