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As the Past Comes Full Circle

Clegames Inc. may have only just released Soul Seeker R, but in order to break down this hack and slash RPG we find ourselves going back in time. May of 2016 takes us to a completely different game in fact. A franchise that formed one of the cornerstones of the RPG genre, and a title that had been in development for over four years prior, Fable Legends. Based around four heroes and one villain, Lionhead studios sought to revitalize Fable with a team-based addition to the franchise.
This go around would focus on multiple characters, each with their own unique abilities. Why is this relevant to Soul Seeker R? Lionhead Studios’ Fable Legends has been cancelled for three years now, but its influence lives on. In fact many comparisons can be drawn between the two titles. From the heroes and their abilities to the style of gameplay itself. Clegames Inc. no doubt took inspiration from the ashes of Fable Legends and while the majority of this influence is positive, a more sinister comparison can also be drawn.

A Heroes Journey Begins

So, what’s it all about? Soul Seeker R drops players into the fantasy world of Armes. Here the great gods have fallen, and Demon Kings spread chaos and terror across the lands. A Goddess prays for brave heroes to come vanquish the evil that now destroys her world. Answering the call your heroes arrive. With no shortage of brave souls arriving to defend Armes, each character brings with them a special attack ability as well as a unique style of combat.
This is where Soul Seeker R aligns itself alongside titles like Evolve, Anthem, and the likes. Soul Seeker R focuses on a team-based approach to each campaign mission. Instead of one hero setting out in Clegames anime-esque hack and slash world, you will form a team of four NPC’s lead by a hero, of your choice. Want to branch out and face other players in multiplayer? Beat a portion of the campaign to then unlock ‘The Arena,’ where players take their teams to face off in 1v1 combat.

Souls will Pave the Way

True to its name the road to success in Clegames newest RPG is paved with souls. The game is built around players summoning heroes by the masses. Players can do this by using ‘soul fragments’ earned through gameplay. Once summoned they can then either add these heroes to their team or, sacrifice their souls to enhance a fellow heroes abilities. Each hero has a unique ability such as powerful fire rays or summoning spirit guardians onto the battlefield, as well as a specific style of combat.
Be it offensive, defensive or all-around, players can build their team to suite their specific style of play. Once your team of heroes is assembled, Soul Seeker R’s campaign follows a basic dungeon layout leading your team through the minion masses to face one boss battle after another. Does it all come together? At first it definitely does, Clegames takes a light hearted approach to the campaign, combining crisp mechanics and exaggerated animations with a fun narrative to provide a truly enjoyable experience.

Everyone Needs a Helping Hand

Can’t get past a level or Boss fight at some point? Soul Seeker R has the answer, friend heroes. Players can use an in game currency called ‘luck points’ to build bonds with a separate class of extremely powerful heroes. Before entering the next level heroes are assigned to a player’s team.  Then, when needed, summoned during combat to defeat a particularly tough enemy. Friend heroes can’t always come to the rescue however. They are time restricted and only available once each hour, leaving players to focus on upgrading their current crew instead.
There are three ways to upgrade your heroes. Players can enhance, awaken, or upgrade their characters skills. Skills upgrades deal with weapon combat, enhancing focuses on overall character upgrading including each heroes special ability. Finally awakening evolves various attributes from defense to critical damage rate. Clegames Inc. delivers an impressive yet player friendly experience with its upgrade system. Multiple in game tutorials alongside a well laid out dashboard allows gamers to utilize everything Soul Seeker R has to offer.
Clegames Inc. newest RPG

So Many Possibilities so little Money

Pay walls are a derogatory concept in any title, but do they affect the Soul Seeker R experience? Clegames Inc. would answer with a definitive no. Indeed, at no point are you forced to open your credit card to access a portion of the game, or to garner precious in-game currency, or even to acquire soul fragments. Yet players are slowly hindered and then cornered completely regardless as the games campaign goes on. Soul Seeker R is structured around hero summoning, which requires soul fragments.
These fragments are rare to come by in the games campaign. Need to get some from the shop? No problem, diamonds earned in game can then buy soul fragments, but what will happen after players run out of diamonds? This is the moment that Soul Seeker R‘s dreaded microtransactions come into play. In a game that demands constant character upgrades and hero summoning, Soul Seeker R simply does not provide a balanced reward system. This forces players to bridge the gap with their wallets, something only amplified in multiplayer matches.
Clegames Inc. newest RPG

The Ghost of Fable’s Past

Herein lies the sinister comparison. Fable Legends was an impressive looking title that ultimately was shut down, and the studio developing it disbanded. Microsoft Studios deemed the project a financial risk not worth taking, and so the doors closed in early 2016. Three years later Clegames release Soul Seeker R and finds a way to ruin a truly impressive game. Overbearing microtransactions are ultimately forced on anyone who wants to play for more than a few hours.
Soul Seeker R has an impressive upgrading system, an incredible assortment of heroes, and a bright enjoyable style. Despite all that none can be enjoyed to their fullest. Instead it sits hidden behind masses of in-game currency that will take players weeks or wads of cash to acquire. Clegames Inc. sought to revive the spirit of an incredible concept with Soul Seeker R. A seemingly noble endeavor; instead, however, the studio has summoned a ghost to haunt gamers with its incessant cries for credit card numbers.

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